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I was looking for an easy recipe for bagels and this is truely it!!!! But so is Elyssa. Will make this again. They turned out really good, and I am so excited to finally be able to serve my family bagels again. Amy [ Reply ] Laura Reply: I appreciate the visuals with the pics!

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Any ideas on how to fix that? I wondered if it might be because they sat for awhile between the time that I broiled them and boiled them? I have 6 younger siblings, and we all like bagels! I was looking for an easy recipe for bagels and this is truely it!!!! I modified the recipe by adding a half cup of King Arthus Harvest Grain blend for more nutreitns and fiber.

Also, for six of the bagels I added cinnamon and raisins. Yum, my family enjoyed these. Thanks for the recipe. I am one who has to borrow brains. Would you say white wheat berries would work, or red? If you put fruit in them or onion, how much would you do, like a half of a cup?

August 9th, at 6: I like white wheat berries best and think red would make this recipe too heavy. Yes, I think a half a cup of add in would be perfect!

This looks soo good!! Am gonna try it this afternoon…we like the cinn. Have you ever done that successfully? August 10th, at Baking them at the same time seemed to work just fine…the bread turned out wonderfully! The bagels, as I already shared, were shriveled after I boiled them.

I just baked my bagels, but most of them turned out a bit shriveled. January 4th, at 9: I did end up letting the dough rise longer than 10 minutes because of something unavoidable.

Now I know for next time! I look forward to seeing them come out a little better. Also, they are very dense. What did I do wrong? Are they supposed to come out dense. August 17th, at 3: Your yeast may not have worked because mine always start puffing up right away after I shape them. August 30th, at 4: Oh, I am SO looking forward to making these.

By the way…my whole wheat crackers are crisping up as we speak. Especially covered with a layer of cream cheese. I must resist eating a 3rd! I love this site — such a great resource for eating well! I have a question about these bagels. Do you freeze them? What point in the making, cooking process would it be good to freeze them? Did anything specific work for you? November 4th, at 8: November 8th, at 3: Just FYI — I froze these bagels after boiling, let them thaw on the counter for an hour or so, and then baked the, for the normal amount of time and they came out really good!

They looked slightly different — perhaps not as shiny and had a few more wrinkles — but the taste and texture was not compromised. Is there any way that you can figure out how to make french onion? October 19th, at Also… I used real maple syrup instead of honey, and made maple syrup whole wheat bagles and they were soo tasty! January 26th, at 8: I may have to try making these this snowy afternoon… I love bagels and have been kind of hungry for some. Thank you thank you thank you! November 3rd, at 3: March 21st, at 5: Could you mix up everything except the yeast and a little of the water and honey, and then add that in the morning?

And use buttermilk instead of water for soaking? I just HAD to send you the link to a recipe I found for pumpkin bagels!! Maybe switch the brown sugar for sucanat??

November 24th, at 3: I added about a tsp. I also brushed the tops with one beaten egg and baked at for 20 minutes. Hi, I have a question. About how long would this be? December 18th, at 7: Ah, I see why that was confusing. I just meant…you can only boil a few of your bagels at one time. I meant for you to boil bagels until you have them ALL boiled for seven minutes each.

January 15th, at 5: January 24th, at 1: Is this the step that was supposed to raise the bagels? I did this exactly and they did not raise, so I thought boiling may raise them. So I thought maybe baking would raise them. I feel a complete failure. That way, newbie newbie bagel cooks like me could know to keep them longer so they rise if still skinny at 20 minutes.

You followed the directions perfectly!! Loved the maple syrup idea. January 24th, at 4: I added raisins and cinnamon to the dough.. Thanks for the recipe and the website! I already have some whole wheat molasses oatmeal bread rising, but making some bagels sounds like the perfect snow day activity. Any idea how to make an asiago cheese bagel — like they have at Panara Bread? I made your honey whole wheat bread last night — fantastic.

Hoping to make the bagels today. Normally blue berry bagels. Oh my i cant wait to try…U dont have a home made cream cheese do u? February 6th, at 6: Ok i have one more question.. What do u mean by kneed the dough.. Ive never made bread before.. My mom was gonna show me but she passed before we got to that n my cooking lessons..

You can watch a tutorial here to learn how to knead the dough: Is this really necessary? As always, your patience is much appreciated!! I think wherever you leave it overnight will be fine. I think NT just means — not in the fridge.

I made bagels today, and they wre great! I had tried bagels once as a teenager for a 4-h project. I just crossed that off my list of possibilities. I am so glad I gave this recipe a try, very good!

I would love to make these, but we are having to make everything with sourdough, because of yeast overgrowth issues and lyme disease. Do you know of a good bagel recipe with sourdough?? Or is it pretty easy to change over the recipe for sourdough use?? March 14th, at 2: I live in a high-altitude place. Do you know if I will need to reduce the yeast in these bagels for them to turn out right? March 14th, at 3: Then be sure to let us know! May 4th, at 1: Hi Laura, I tried making these bagels today finally!

My husband was quite impressed. I will definitely be making these again, and would love to try some other variations! I was wondering what kind of yeast you used—active dry or instant. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

I made everything whole wheat bagels last night and they turned out well! Should I leave it sit longer- other recipes say to let the dough sit overnight- have you done that?

Yes, it could be that the flour was too course. My two girls and two girl frineds wanted to make bread and we only had whole wheat flour. We found your recipe and are enjoying the finished product. They are so happy with their accomplishments that they are joking about dropping out of college and making and selling bagels for a living. Thank you for your recipe! You made a spring break day at home in the rain special.

We made these today. I did find that the broiling was a bit too long. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Oh my Godness, these bagels were so yummy. My boys loved them. Thank you so much Laura for this recipes and this wonderful website.

I just wanted to request one thing: I let them drain for minutes before baking. And, they came out really good. I am not sure if that is what you did. Hmm, I just drained them long enough to get them all out of the water…then baked them right away. Thanks for pointing that out! I will be making these tomorrow for sure. I have a questions though: Also, how long would I knead in my Bosch?

This recipe seems nice and easy and not so scary. Bagels really do work better with the hole in the middle. April 30th, at 6: I am planning on making these for a brunch this weekend, but I live in extreme humidity. Do you have any pieces of advice for me? April 26th, at 7: I am so thankful for your great tutorial!

I have been wanting to make bagels for a long time, but I was scared being of the boiling part. But it was so easy and I will be tasting my bagels in a few minutes. I used Kamute instead of whole wheat flour because its gluten free, so we will see how that tastes! I made them and my family ate them real quick! We ate them in 2 days! There are only 4 of us. P Has this ever happened to anyone else and whatcha think the problem might be? They are in the oven but I have dealt with this whole wheat dough long enough to know that most of these are gonna be inedible….

April 30th, at 1: This happened to me too! October 23rd, at 3: They look great, until I boil them, then they shrink! October 26th, at 9: I am not sure why this is happening…hmmm. I am wondering if the yeast is getting killed somewhere along the way. They should shrink a little bit, but not a whole lot. I am wondering if they need to be made bigger before they go into the water. I wish I could be more helpful. August 20th, at 1: I just tried making these yesterday, some of them came out perfect while others just shriveled up after I boiled them, just as you described!

It was disappointing but I had the idea that perhaps it was with the first baking process, either too long or too short. I made them again today, watching the first batch very carefully and not allowing them to brown at all on either side. The other ones, I allowed to get to varying degrees of brown before boiling them, and they shriveled.

The more brown ones shriveled up more, and the less brown ones shriveled less, but they still shriveled up. So, I believe the broiling process is the critical point in making these. Anyhow, my two cents worth. September 17th, at 8: With the 7 bagels left, I only boiled them briefly a minute or so and took them out, and found that none of them shrunk. December 21st, at Just boil them for 30 seconds on each side, it wont kill the yeast and has the exact same effect This is from an old English bagel recipe.

October 16th, at 6: But so is Elyssa. The Broiling is only suppose to be about 5 minutes, and the boiling in the water is suppose to be 30 seconds on each side, so one full minute. That is, if you even broil them at all. Just shape them, boil them for a minute, and put in the oven for Elizabeth Warrior Wives Reply: October 20th, at 5: Found that out by accident when I forgot to do it once.

January 20th, at I always skip it and just boil then bake. They always come out great. I make the recipe just like you called for but instead of boiling and baking them all I do is broil them on low until lightly browned on both sides. That way they are still bagels but nice and SOFT. My little ones LOVE them! Can you use regular flour for this and not have to change the measurements of other ingredients? Yes, you may actually need just a little bit more flour than the recipe calls for, otherwise I think the recipe should work the same.

I love making whole wheat bagels. I usually use part white wheat, part red wheat and also some oats that I grind up in my blender. Another difference is that I do not broil them. I shape them, let them rest about 20 minutes then plop in the boiling water with honey. They sit in there 30 secs then I flip and they go for another 30 secs.

Then I put them on a rack to dry off, then brush with an egg white wash, dip in seeds and bake for about 20 min or until golden. Nice and chewy but still soft. They tend to get too dry. I have made these so many times and everytime at least half of mine are doughy, not cooked through, I boil for 7 minutes like you say to do after broiling for two minutes per side, then bake for 30 minutes.

I am wondering if you have any suggestions on how to bake them so this will not happen. My MIL makes bagels and boils them for 30 sec each and then bakes them and never has this problem, maybe I should try this??? May 11th, at 6: September 8th, at 9: Oven temperatures can vary widely, and a low temp would cause your bagels to not cook through.

Try getting an oven thermometer and testing your oven for accuracy. Mine burned when I broiled them— and I did one side on the highest rack and the other side in the middle and both got way too brown. How in the world did you manage to keep yours still dough colored?! Your oven must broil much hotter than mine. Next time, it would be just fine to broil them for a shorter amount of time.

I made the bagel today. How do you make onion, blueberry bagel. Have you try any other?? Thank You for sharing your recipe. I love your web-site. What yeast do you use for these? June 30th, at Should I have used two packs? I used the active. I was able to get 12 med ones out of the batch. I would love to start another batch because shrunk after I boiled them. I also see that you added the yeast to the dry mixture then added the water?

Boy this is confusing. I think your one pack of yeast was enough. I know this IS confusing — bagels are much trickier than many other breads! January 1st, at Okay so I will try it again! Let me clean the kitchen and see if I can do another batch. This is so fun!! I think it may help to not boil them more than 3 mins. This has seemed to help. I think since this seems like a nice detailed recipe, it should work. August 27th, at 7: I am going to try them without the broiling step. I hope it works too.

Make sure you only boil them for a minute though, not the full 7 listed here. I know this is months after your post, but you should try some different flavors! I made these last night and they did turn out good. I just feel, though, that they turned out a little too dense. I mean I know bagels are a denser bread but these were too much so. Do you think I need to allow them rise longer or can you tell me what I may need to do for them to not be so dense.

I also wanted to ask that if this same recipe would work to make cinnamon raisin or other flavored bagel just adding in desired ingredients with the yeast? September 10th, at 4: Yes, maybe let them rise just a little bit longer. Sometimes mine turn out perfect and other times mine are also too dense.

Maybe it depends on the moisture level and temperature in the air?? And yes, I think you can just add raisins or cinnamon or whatever you would like for different flavors! Today was my first attempt. They did not rise as much as your pictures…. They are in the oven now. I am planning on serving them tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Or do you just put it on a lower rack? November 1st, at 6: I cracked my Pampered Chef Stone, even after using it to broil a couple times. Was looking for a bagel recipe and found yours today — do you think I could make these with maple syrup instead of honey? October 7th, at November 20th, at 8: October 5th, at 6: Well my wife came in and caught me making these bagels, she wanted to know why I WAS NOT proofing the yeast and why I had to put the under the Broiled and other question related to how she makes bagels.

I advised her that I was following your receipt and she would have to wait and see. I will be eating them all my self as that is the way it is when you cook something and it does not turn out so good. Thanks for you work putting this on the internet, I had fun making them. October 18th, at Well it sounds like this was an adventure for you! Laura is actually not Jewish; she is non-denominational Christian. I will say, though, that they are better warm than cold.

So, if you have leftovers just pop them in the toaster to warm them up. We just made elderberry bagles with the elderberry mush left over from making syrup! I love the whole wheat.

The bagels are really good. After reading the reviews, I decided not to broil the bagels. As one of the reviewers suggested, I let it rest for 20 mins and then boiled it on each side for 30 secs. This recipe is definitely a keeper!! If they shrivel up directly after boiling that most likely means they were left to rest for too long, so just shorten the rising time that should help.

This looks like a great recipe! I always wanted to make homemade bagels!! I am now going to be following you! Would love to have you as a follower of my brand new mommyhood blog too! Have a blessed new year! I made these bagels this afternoon and my family ate them for dinner because they were fabulous! I am passing this recipe on to my friends and family because I am thrilled to find a healthy bagel recipe! I love your website! I love baking and making homemade stuff but it is sometimes hard to find a more healthy way to do it.

I made these bagels and than toasted it. Thanks so much for sharing and all your hard work: So much easier than the regular white flour bagel recipe I have made in the past, and so delicious!! Hello I was wondering when you broil the bagels where do you put the rack inthe top middle bottom. My bagels browned, my stove also asked me broil low or high.

February 19th, at 6: Do you ever put baking soda in your boiling water? I have made bagels and soft pretzels in the past and that is usually in the water. February 24th, at 8: Your sourdough starter is ready.

I'm working on my second batch of this bagel formula. I use malt syrup as I think it improves the crust a bit. So far, I've stayed with the Very Hot F oven and bake to color, a bit less I found the dough tremendously dry.

It taxed the motor on my KitchenAid. To make only 6 bagels would have resulted in rings I followed the recipe, but not the instructions. I let the yeast get frothy and then added in the salt, oil a Ok i am the first to review your recipe!

So good crusty on the outside an chewey in the middle these taste like a true bagel! I did only end up using 4 cups flour this recipe will be Perfect with 4 cups of Canadian flour. Made 6 giant bagels. When boiling, mine floated immediately, so boiled a minute on each side. Kneeded for about 12 minutes, giving a workout to our I did change the bread to water to ratio to what i know would work from making tons of bread.

I also mixed the dough in my brea The flavor of these is really good, but I had to rate it down because if I wasn't a seasoned bread-maker, I wouldn't have known to not follow the flour amounts recommended here. They were my first attempt at bagels so I was happy that they turned out, but they really were huge. I just made this recipe. I split the dough into thirds, and made three different types of bagels.

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