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Then, the two young cooks who get to make dessert must use a tangy fruit and a deep-fried treat. In this third preliminary battle, the youngest group of champions yet gets a delicate seafood and a tasty pork product in the appetizer round.

Chocolates in disguise cause the junior chefs to do a double take when they open the entree basket. Then, coffee with dessert makes sense, but where will the competitors use chili flakes in their final, sweet dishes? Four outstanding young cooks compete to see who will earn the last spot in the grand finale. Some slender peppers and some scrumptious rolls are part of the puzzle in the appetizer round. The junior chefs must figure out a way to make a guilty pleasure snack work in their venison entrees, then some serious mistakes in the dessert round leave the judges with much to consider.

The basket powers-that-be throw them a whopper of a first basket that includes a rather wild jerky and a protein that most Americans have never eaten. The second basket is a doozy as well, with cream puffs and a strange ketchup. Then, the final round of the tournament calls for some kid-friendly bubbly. A new group of kid competitors bond over their love of music and food as they prepare dishes for the judges: First, they find themselves working with beets and octopus in block form in the appetizer round.

A salmon-like fish filet in the entree round presents challenges, then the finalists must figure out how to work edible piano keys into their desserts. Chefs Daniel Churchill and Marcus Samuelsson and actress Allison Williams serve as the judges for a new group of junior chefs, who are thrilled when the appetizer basket reveals an exciting twist on chicken and waffles. In the entree round, a sweet, tropical icing must be paired with pork, and in the dessert round, it's a race to the ice cream machine when both finalists are inspired by a coconut beverage.

From the farm to the Chopping Block! A new batch of junior chefs get to work with farm-fresh ingredients, starting with pork and blue cheese in the appetizer round. Milk must be combined with purple produce in an exciting entree course, then an ingredient in the dessert basket comes with directions. The young cooks tackle baskets of leftover and often-wasted food, starting with cheese rinds and takeout leftovers in the appetizer round.

Then, they find some unwanted produce that must be worked into an entree. For dessert, the finalists find creative uses for forgotten fruit and baking leftovers to win over judges Amanda Freitag, Sam Kass and Marc Murphy. When the young chefs must butcher and cook snakes in the appetizer round, will they be too squeamish to let their skills shine through? In the entree round, a dense oddball of a cake must be worked into lamb shoulder dishes.

Then, the last precious seconds of the round are a show of desperation and cooperation as the finalists are challenged to make creative, caffeinated desserts for the judges, actor Chris Colfer and chefs Raiza Costa and Amanda Freitag. First, the kids open the appetizer basket to find something staring right back at them! A cute candy creation and a twist on garlic bread spice things up in the entree round.

Then, vegetables make their way into brownies in the dessert round, but the finalists have no problem repurposing them. In the appetizer round, the young cooks get to find out if bok choy tastes better with bacon.

An old-fashioned "pinwheel" protein stirs things up in the entree round. And cottage cheese for dessert? The junior chefs attempt to find a place for it in their final plates. Talented and year olds are ready to prove their culinary expertise to the judges, actress Bridget Moynahan and chefs Marc Murphy and Angelo Sosa. First, they set out to make pleasant pheasant dishes in the appetizer round, then the entree basket features something gummy and some yummy ducks.

For dessert, one of the competitors must quickly come up with a back-up plan when a key element doesn't turn out right. In a circus-themed competition, a new bunch of and year olds dare to make appetizers using corn and playful cookies. The entree basket reveals a finger food and some beautiful produce, then in the dessert round, the chefs tackle a baked good and a something covered in caramel.

Chefs Kenny Gilbert and Geoffrey Zakarian and actress Mae Whitman rule the judging table for this round of culinary competition! First, some of the young cooks are not fans of the kid-favorite chicken nuggets found in the appetizer basket. Then, will the junior chefs have the experience to properly cook the delicate bay scallops from the entree basket? The end of the round prompts some unprecedented cooperation among the competitors, then in the dessert round, a hybrid fruit and some Mesozoic candies make for a fun time.

Caribbean flavors rule in this tropical competition, presided over by judges Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag and musician Ziggy Marley. The competitors come out strong in the appetizer round when they must cook with a classic Caribbean spice blend.

Then, the junior chefs must pair fish with fruit in the entree round. The two finalists open the dessert basket to find a green fruit and citrus cookies. A vial filled with something deceptively familiar and some spicy mummies are weird surprises in the first basket, then the entree round has the junior chefs digging into a spooky casserole. Finally, the last two competitors confidently craft desserts from an odd collection of goodies!

Four young cooks set out to make judges Cliff Crooks, Bethenny Frankel and Geoffrey Zakarian the most important meal of the day: French toast and cereal are remixed in the first basket. Then, the kids struggle to make perfect eggs against the clock in the entree round. The two finalists in the dessert round get to work with an extravagant breakfast-themed cake and a grown-up breakfast beverage. In this competition packed with backyard barbecue ingredients, the judges -- actress and singer Jana Kramer and chefs Marc Murphy and Geoffrey Zakarian -- are on the lookout for a Chopped cookout champion!

The appetizer round reveals a popular potato dish and a protein meant for grilling. The junior chefs get some more cookout classics in the entree round when they find a saucy side dish and burgers. Then, the finalists get to work with a very sweet pie and a sour dairy product. In round one, the junior chefs have to hustle to do their best with duck and some wild-flavored cupcakes.

The young cooks all take different routes with the snapper in the entree basket, then the finalists find a playful pie and a tart surprise in the dessert round. At an age when many kids have never even tasted lamb, the junior chefs competing must create dishes with it in round one. A creamy soup and a pretty pasta are two of the entree basket ingredients that the young cooks must conquer. A new group of young competitors enter the kitchen and attempt to win over the judges, chefs Aaron Sanchez and Jet Tila and comedian Iliza Shlesinger.

A super-cheesy sandwich is at the center of a puzzling appetizer basket, then in the second round, a root vegetable and a sweet Latin treat must find a place on the entree plates. The two kids lucky enough to make it all the way to the final round find a whimsical watermelon dessert in the baskets.

A serious seafood challenge plus a healthy frozen dessert are two of the ingredients that the junior chefs encounter out of the gate. In round two, a pork chop plate will get a young cook chopped, then major setbacks in the dessert round keep the finalists working furiously on their rainbow pancake dishes until time is up.

Sign up for the latest how-tos, TV exclusives and behind-the-scenes footage. ChoppedJunior Tuesdays 2 1c. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. The Most-Charming Moments 26 Photos. What Really Happens in the Stew Room. Help Is on the Way 12 Videos When the kids need a hand, they always call one man.

Helping Hands 12 Videos These kids help one another without a second thought. Behind the Scenes 12 Videos Ted gives a personal tour of the Juniorized set and pantry.

Selfie Expressions 35 Photos The kids aren't the only ones to have some fun on set. Junior-Inspired Lunchboxes 13 Photos These packable, snackable dishes take a cue from the mystery basket ingredients. Get the Easy-to-Make Recipes.

Family Mealtime These kid-friendly recipes are sure to make your mealtime prep fun for the whole family. Recipes and Ideas for Cooking Together.

Kitchen Basics Infographics Get ready for the competition by learning the different knives and all the perfect cuts to make prep time a snap. Finally, an unusual chocolate treat and a special cake up the "wow" factor in the dessert round. The competitors bring their best to the Chopped kitchen to impress judge Martha Stewart. In the appetizer round, they face a modern take on beef Wellington and an iconic canned meat, and one chef's ambitious plans force him to rush to beat the clock.

In the entree round, Martha is excited to see what the chefs create with one of her favorite ingredients. The final two competitors have the same idea about what to make for dessert, but whose dish will be better? The competitors take on Southern classics like hush puppies and black-eyed peas in the first basket. Something fried meets something sweet in the entree round.

Then fruity, creamy and doughy desserts are the result of a busy final round. The competitors are in for some wild times after they learn they'll be working with game meat in every round, starting with wild boar in the first basket. Two wild proteins then make for a crowded entree basket. Finally, Black Forest cake is the sweetest of the woodsy treasures that the two remaining chefs are up against in the dessert round.

Sign up for the latest how-tos, TV exclusives and behind-the-scenes footage. Catch Up on Episodes Tuesdays 9 8c. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Fried Pickle Spears 0 Videos. Watch Full Epispdes Don't miss a minute of the competition in the Chopped kitchen. Top 10 Mistakes 12 Photos Some chefs fall to the most-common errors in the kitchen. Best Reactions 21 Photos As dramatic battles unfold, the judges can't hold back.

Which Judge Are You? Ever wonder what you have in common with the judges? Loving Their Jobs 11 Photos Each judge reveals a favorite thing about the show. Unforgettable Cooks 9 Photos Ted names the chefs who left the biggest mark on him. Cooking Through the Seasons with Chopped: Spring 13 Photos Get inspired by the basket ingredients. Chopped Junior Kid cooks take on the mystery baskets in the pintsize series.

Chopped Cookbook Get the book with recipes inspired by the show's mystery basket ingredients. Get Cast on the Show Chopped is always looking for talented chefs and home cooks. Get more Chopped Fried Chicken Time Four chefs tackle comfort food king, fried chicken, in all three rounds. Fried Chicken Time Worst Cooks Challenge Twins for the Win Naan the Wiser The Icing on the Steak Oysters in the first basket cause some problems.

Have a Heart Duck-heart starters are the chefs ticket to the second round. Bite Your Pickled Beef Tongue Nopales, No Problem Season 37, Episode 13 Under the Cuban Sun Four chefs with personal connections to Cuba are treated to ingredient baskets filled with a variety of Cuban foods.

Season 31, Episode 15 Taco Time! Season 36, Episode 5 Epic Eats In an indisputably indulgent competition, the chefs find that every basket contains at least one epic ingredient -- an extreme example of something completely craveable.

Season 38, Episode 2 Room for 'Shrooms The Chopped chefs get swept up in mushroom mania, with mushroom surprises in the baskets and plenty in the pantry. Season 31, Episode 3 Chopped: Season 31, Episode 5 Chopped: Season 31, Episode 7 Chopped: Season 31, Episode 9 Chopped: Season 39, Episode 1 Lamb Slam Judge Martha Stewart tastes a corn dog for the very first time as a fun version of the famous fair food challenges the chefs in the appetizer basket.

Season 0, Episode 35 Just Desserts: All-Stars Chopped is counting down the all-time best dessert rounds, and these five favorites feature incredible all-star battles and thrilling dessert duels between world-class chefs. Season 12, Episode 2 Chocolate Challenge It's a chocolate lover's dream competition: Season 8, Episode 8 My Way Time starts now!

Season 9, Episode 9 One in a Hundred The first round has the competitors combining a sweet bread and a scrumptious melon. Season 11, Episode 8 Plenty of Fish In the first round, the chefs do their best to delicately cook a familiar fish, as they struggle to decide what to do with a tiny, Indian gourd. Season 26, Episode 5 Family Affair A mom, dad, son and aunt who work in the same restaurant meet in the Chopped Kitchen, where it's every chef for themselves.

Season 24, Episode 12 Chopped Gastropub The four chefs learn that the mystery ingredients must be transformed into delicious gastropub food. Season 36, Episode 4 Million-Dollar Meals Four competitors learn they will be treated to high-end, top-dollar ingredients and will be cooking for new judge Martha Stewart.

Season 37, Episode 5 Hush Puppy Love The competitors take on Southern classics like hush puppies and black-eyed peas in the first basket. Season 37, Episode 6 Wild Game Plan The competitors are in for some wild times after they learn they'll be working with game meat in every round, starting with wild boar in the first basket.

Ted Allen Ted, the host of Chopped, was the food and wine specialist on the groundbreaking, Emmy-winning series Queer Eye, which had a episode run. Guy's Grocery Games Sundays 8 7c. Cons Monday Nights 4a 3c. Beat Bobby Flay Thursdays 10 9c. Farmhouse Rules 7am 6c. Southern at Heart 7: Bobby's Basics 8am 7c. Valerie's Home Cooking 8: Valerie's Home Cooking 9am 8c.

The Pioneer Woman 9: The Pioneer Woman 10am 9c. The Pioneer Woman The Pioneer Woman 11am 10c. Trisha's Southern Kitchen Trisha's Southern Kitchen 12pm 11c.

The Kitchen 1pm 12c. Worst Cooks in America 2pm 1c. Bite Club 3pm 2c. Guy's Grocery Games 4pm 3c. Guy's Grocery Games 5pm 4c. Guy's Grocery Games 6pm 5c. Guy's Grocery Games 7pm 6c. Guy's Grocery Games 8pm 7c. Beat Bobby Flay 10pm 9c. Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay 11pm 10c.

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