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NutriSystem Diet: : What You Need to Know
I knew I needed a diet that was going to be easy to follow. When I first started seeing weight loss results with Nutrisystem I was so excited. Editing or changing in this template is so easy because this template has been created in ms word. Nutrisystem is good for losing weight but why is all the food frozen? If you need to lose more than 30 pounds, you probably need to change more than the way you spend your money. I say it sounds like a good deal. You can prepare food journal document with the help of your physician suggestions.

Free Printable Weekly Food Journals: 3 Different Designs!

Free Printable Weekly Food Journals: 3 Different Designs!

I hear it is beyond horrible. Shame on Marie for peddling this unhealthy product that most people can not even get down. I lost 25 pounds 2 different times on it in the 80's.

I do remember it is very salty and couldn't do it now for that reason. If you order it from Nutrisystem you can get the My Way Program where you select your own food. It does cost more when you choose your own food but that's so much better than taking whatever they decide to send you.

I think the food is good and I didn't think it was overly salty. It IS a diet, so the portions are small, but it's good and you won't go hungry. In fact you'll be eating frequently. If you remember that it's a diet and not a five star restaurant I think you'll be pleased. If you decide to try it, best of luck! As with all weight loss programs A few years back I lost 60 lbs by doing just that I put it back on If you do a little research, and are willing to put in a little extra time in the kitchen, you can make your own "nutrisystem" meals My sister and two of my friends tried it and none of them could get past the horrible food.

If you order from their website I think they have two versions: They contain different foods with the ""fresh"" being more pleasant though still bad. I have always stayed in shape following my own eating plan which is all fresh foods. I would never eat such unhealthy food with additives such as Nuti System and Jenny Craig.

My suggestion to you is Weight Watchers. All you foods are fresh not frozen and much healthier. No way would I be a slave to some company's frozen prepackaged foods. I don't really need it that bad to subject myself to all the additives and expense, but I was wondering if it worked as well and as easy as they claim.

I did do some googling to find out what others who have tried it thought, and the reviews were about half and half. Thank you, Circles, for the Wal-Mart info, that's something to keep in mind, and thank you Gemmy for the buddy bucks offer, so nice of you!

It also has space for additional notes. In addition to space for meals and snacks, there are check off boxes for the basic food groups milk, meat, vegetable, fruit, grain so you can see how you are eating compared to the food pyramid. Microsoft Food Diary and Planner [offsite link] A free food diary from Microsoft that can either be printed off or left on your computer to keep track of your meals and snacks and exercise.

My Calorie Counter [offsite link] An online diet and exercise journal that allows you to track your nutrient intake and find the calories you burn during exercise. MyDietJournal -- Review Web-based food journals are great tools for weight loss and tracking fiber, sodium, and other challenging nutrients. But access to journals associated with popular diet websites can be expensive. MyDietJournal is not only free, but slick, user-friendly, and loaded with great features.

The website, NT and Me, provides an extensive database and free tools for nutrition tracking. Smart Calorie [offsite link] Downloadable calorie diary, recipe diary, and body fat and BMI calculator. Not only can you keep up with everything you eat, it tells you your calorie count, and you can keep up with your weightloss. I use this one a lot. This is something I made that I use most often when I am home. I have it stuck to my fridge so I remember to fill it in when I make a new meal or snack.

How do you keep up with your food intake? Let us know in the comments below! Pasta Portion Control Containers. Digital Kitchen Scale by Zerla.