Diet-To-Go: Can This Diet Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Diet to Go
DietToGo , accessed 2 November , https: Diet to Go offers the solution to finding the balance between your hectic life and desire to eat nutritious meals. Peach Pecan Oatmeal Bar. So I have had 3 orders delivered after which I have decided to cancel this service. Before I was on Diet-to-go, I was on a shake diet and it was working for me. I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off.

A leading meal delivery diet with a new approach to its healthy menu offerings.

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We also offer delivery across the United States! Delicious, real-food meal plans are our specialty! For over 25 years, Diet-to-Go has been delivering success - customers lose 10 pounds in 30 days on average. In a blind taste-test our meals were voted 1 by both Epicurious.

Choose from the Balance menu our most popular plan , Balance-Diabetes menu perfect for managing Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes or Carb30 menu low-carb plan. Meal plans are fully customizable. To create your plan, choose from three diet-focused meal plan options and between a 5-day or 7-day meal plan that includes 2 or 3 meals per day. Please re-enter to check for accuracy.

Or sign-in and choose available credit from your account. Sign In My Account Help. Redeem your card here: Choose from more than 20, restaurants nationwide Present the deal at the restaurant on your smartphone or bring a printed copy If you change your mind, it's easy to exchange online.

You've Come to the Right Place! I agree to Restaurant. With easy online ordering, nationwide delivery and Restaurant. Breakfast Sample Menu Lunch Dinner. Veggie Cream Cheese Bagel. Apple Pancakes, Turkey Sausage. Peach Pecan Oatmeal Bar. Egg and Broccoli Pie. These are sample menus. The actual menu options change from week to week.

To see more information on current menus, please visit the Diet to Go website. Chicken Black Bean Wrap. Tuscan Boats with Turkey. Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich. Peanut Butter and Pita. Salmon Burger with Mango Salsa. Chicken Vegetable Stew with Peanuts. Shrimp and Pasta Salad. Stewed Veggies with Chicken. Cheese and Veggie Ravioli. Penne Pasta with Turkey Meat Sauce. Baked Salmon with Pineapple Salsa.

Mexican Style Turkey Burrito. Went with this one because I liked that it was fresh not frozen and wasn't totally over processed. It's still processed food, but, yeah, I'm not cooking it, so, it's processed. I have to say, 5 weeks in the food is pretty good.

I am generally speaking pleasantly surprised by the taste. Chicken, turkey and tuna salad lunches are all really good. I've knocked back to 5 days and am skipping breakfasts now because I can figure out breakfast on my own and I'm going out with friends enough that 7 days didn't make sense.

Plus, while the food is good, I am getting a little sick of it. The flavors are good, but not very varied, and fairly bland. Veggies with dinners particularly bland-the noticeable weak piece of the plan fr me. I'm doing this with my spouse who has more to lose and switched to a more processed competitor to try to lose a bit more in the beginning. And, how much do I love spending 3 minutes cooking what always ends up being a pretty decent meal?

Yeah, a girl could get used to this! The food really is almost always surprisingly good. Nancy Fondriest Success Story. It's literally the best feeling. Think your diet is not working? You might just be bloated from diet changes.

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