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The combination of high sugar, calories, and no fiber make this a very poor meal replacement shake. Also, I thought a very fast metabolism allowed people to have a low body fat percentage so why in your case did the weight loss cause a drop in metabolic rate. Bistro MD diet can do that for you. There are a number of Jenny Craig meals that contain pork and pork products, and these can be excluded from your menu selection. Or it might be a day or two. Can I do the Program if I travel a lot?

Program offers 12 weeks of meal replacement to help you lose weight.

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Go ahead and check it out. We did some research on people who successfully lost weight on Bistro MD and found out that people loved the food and found great success in losing weight on the diet. Instead of us telling you what they have to say about this diet both positive and negative , you can read or listen to them instead by scrolling down to the bottom of this article. The company has meal plans for people who have diabetes and are trying to lose weight.

Bistro MD diabetic meals are prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and are nutritionally and scientifically balanced. These meal plans limit net carbs most with 25 net grams of carbs or less to help keep blood sugar stable for people with diabetes. Phil McGraw, the well-known TV mental health professional and the host of the popular daytime talk show Dr.

Phil , highly recommends Bistro MD to people who are wanting to lose weight and who are desperately trying to make a change in their lives. Phil, Bistro MD is the best meal delivery program to help people lose weight. That is exactly why he always enlists the services of Bistro MD to help people who are having problems with their health and need to lose weight.

In the video below, Dr. Weighing almost lbs. Starting at the 4: Phil talks about Bistro MD to help out a family lose weight. Bistro MD has separate programs for men and women. Hey, when it comes to weight loss, women are a lot different from men and visa versa.

Did you know that women tend to carry a higher percentage of fat than men because they have more subcutaneous fat than men? Men on the other hand, end up having to deal with a lot of fat deposited in their bellies. No counting calories, fat grams, protein and all the other stuff. You can get started with the program online and order from the comfort of home. Our lives are so busy these days so who has time to prepare healthy meals all the time? Bistro MD does all the hard work and preparation for you.

All you do is pop a meal in the microwave and eat. They also have live chat available if you get stuck or just need a question answered before you complete your order. Bistro MD has a very lively and active community of users on its Facebook fan page http: You can learn the latest on Bistro MD meal plans, get helpful weight loss tips, read actual user feedback on the diet plan, and share stories and tips with other people who are on the same weight loss journey as you.

Bistro MD also offers resources and tips on its site. Your order will arrive in a box and inside the box will be an environmentally-friendly Kodiakotton insulation packaging to keep all the pre-cooked meals frozen see box below. Bistro MD formerly used styrofoam boxes but have now shifted to this environmentally-friendly packaging.

Inside the box, the frozen meals are packed with dry ice to make sure you receive the meals in good condition. Some people love planning and preparing their own meals. Some people really make time for it and that is really great if that is your preference. Other people may not find having pre-cooked and pre-package meals to be an appealing way to lose weight even though it is convenient and the meals are carefully prepared by chefs and nutritionist to help lose weight.

If you are the type of person described above, then Bistro MD is definitely not a diet program for you. If you have some food allergies, make sure to check the meal ingredients that Bistro MD provides. Bistro MD can adjust their menus to accommodate you if you have certain types of food allergies. Now if you are used to having large meal portions, you will definitely feel a bit deprived for the lack of more food to eat, most especially when the food taste good.

However, we thought that people will definitely have that feeling of wanting to have a second helping cause … yes, the meals are that delicious. There are people who prefer having shakes or a combination of shakes and meals in order to lose weight. If you are that type of person, then this is not for you. Matt speaking of weight loss on a caloric surplus, you had an interesting guy on here a while back, Billy Craig, who wrote about that.

Promised to write a book but never did. Whatever happened to that guy? With the demands of modern life, for many people forced exercise is really the only option for increasing physical activity. For those, I see nothing wrong with devoting a few hours a week to some weightlifting.

It also provides the most bang for your buck in terms of reward for time spent. Look at most older people and you will see the dramatic decrease in muscle mass as they age. For the last two years I have been doing an exercise program invented by Teresa Tapp. I took my body measurements on Jan 25, and then again on Mar 10, In a little over a year I have lost My body is stronger and I have good muscle tone.

Slowly my stomach is getting flatter. In this same time frame I have lost only 12 pounds. I have not changed my diet and I exercise 2 to 3 times per week an do a little walking. This works for me and I know that overtime my body will continue to transform all while staying healthy. T-Tapp did nothing for me. I shifted from doing weight training to doing T-tapp and gained fat not muscle. I like a lot of things about T-tapp, but; I found weight training was superior for keeping weight down, and, her program was not great for my knees — despite the fact that it is supposed to be rehabilitative.

Down the track I did read that if you had knee issues, not to do the one legged tracks — but a lot of her tracks are one-legged, and her program is supposed to rehab knees , not make them worse!

So that all did not seem good to me.. Also , her program is supposed to improve saddlebags, and I really followed it to the nth degree, for a couple of yrs; and had zilch improvement of saddlebags.. In all fairness though, I also have had no results with getting rid of saddlebags through weight training, or callanetics , or any other kind exercise! I get up and exercise first thing in the a. It keeps me mentally and physically fueled through the first half of my day better than anything else.

My metabolism has stayed pretty strong during this period, I think because the workouts are really short. She has a program for adrenal fatigue and hormonal health for Women of A Certain Age. So bad that I actually went back on birth control pills because I was just getting battered by period symptoms for about 2 weeks out of every month.

If you look around long enough you will see exercise guru after exercise guru coming out of the closet as a binge eater or something. The techniques that work for men so well, like Intermittent Fasting seem to be generally terrible for women and end up being a fast track to disordered eating.

It does not compute. While this is exaggerated of course, I think it perfectly sums up the way that having a fat-loss based mindset for exercise and eating will eventually end up hurting a person.

Our way of looking at the world is disordered. The person who is lean to the point of being unable to function to reproduce is considered sexiest. We have literally stopped functioning as biological organisms when that starts happening on a mass scale as it does now.

The weird thing is that I have found that setting fitness goals and doing my best to avoid scales, measuring tapes and fat calipers has been the best way to reshape my body for the better. Jenny, I agree with you on the weight lifting. This is now the rage. Everyone has to lift weights.

I hate lifting weights. Intermittent fasting is also the rage. It causes my blood sugar to crash and I develop a ravenous appetite. I can relate to Matt because you start listening to these people and your head wants to explode. I think you have to look at what your body responds to because your body knows best. Have you heard of Lems Shoes and Correct Toes? The Lems have a wide enough toe box to accommodate the toe splay that the Correct Toes causes.

All their other ones are excellent as well. Now, I can pretty much only do yoga a few days a week mixed with my relatively active life as a full-time mom of two little kids before my body goes on strike. The much lighter and gentler exercise regimen definitely has done nothing to reduce my size, but it keeps me from aching too badly, my weight stable albeit a much heavier weight than a few years ago , and my spirits lifted which are really great health benefits anyway.

I will say this though—abandoning obsessive, restrictive dieting has been way easier than letting go of my tendencies toward compulsive exercising.

In short, starvation symptoms can mirror PCOS symptoms, and the symptoms will resolve on their own with dedicated ED recovery. Recovery includes refeeding without restriction and being sedentary. Plus the mental work of changing ED behaviors and psychology, often with therapy. In short, full recovery from restriction should be your top priority! Your hormones will probably re balance themselves — over time — when your system has an energy surplus, physical damage is repaired and your overall stress state caused by your anxiety and restriction itself is resolved.

I agree with YourEatopia as a great site to get your head wrapped around changing the anorexic mind set. Still, it took over two years from my last diet to get to the point of staying off the weight scale the majority of the time. And when I do get on it, I remind myself, I have no control over the number or anything except making sure I start preparing food as soon as food thoughts become noticeable. It really is that subtle and that accurate, even after 30 years plus of ignoring hunger nearly every day.

Now my mantra is: It is what it is. My body is what it is. It will only change as it decides to…and my only job is to feed it promptly when it asks for food…and for what it prefers at the moment. For me this was the final hurdle apparently, because those pants are too big now…and the current size are looser than they were last month. I do no formal exercise, just doing housework in big house, laundry is in the basement and I hang most of my clothes to dry; and enjoying playing Xbox games with the grandsons.

Even Kinect ones…bowling is my favorite. I used to run a play when I was a kid and enjoyed it. Then when I started undereating, I stopped playing or enjoying most movement. Gymnastics style training has been great for me.

I always keep my training sessions to 30 minutes to an hour at the most. And before I know it I can move my body and hold it in positions that were impossible before. My primary concern is physique, not weight. One of the main reasons people want to lose weight is to look more attractive.

Even with my beer belly, I look better than I did when I was pounds. I have a naturally big chest and small, narrow shoulders, so my first focus was to add in some exercises to help fill out my shoulders and widen my back.

My attitude is that the weight will take care of itself. And whatever it does, I can still work on building a better physique safely — by not restricting calories, and not burning myself out with exercise. Sleep deprivation, calorie deficit, excessive physical exertion. Those are the three big ones for me. Matt — Pranarupa recently wrote a very interesting piece about metabolic differences between muscle fiber types. The implication being that the more you develop type 1 fibers, the more you increase oxidative respiration.

And theoretically you can develop type 1 fibers with slower, more sustained movement. This is highly speculative, but perhaps it would be possible to develop more type 1 fibers with a slightly slower hiking pace that relies more heavily on the large muscles rather than on momentum and stabilizers.

Of course, that would only be a doable experiment if the hiker found such an approach to hiking to actually be enjoyable, and it would be completely unsustainable otherwise. But the idea being that perhaps any movement can result in fat loss under the right circumstances, but the type of movement may or may not alter the longer term effects. If, for example, a person does movement that increases muscle primarily of type 2, then there will be fat loss in some cases, but the result is a less efficient metabolism.

But possibly with movement that increases oxidative respiration there would be a longer term benefit. Obviously much of what you wrote in this piece is still applicable and relevant and there is no magic answer. After all type 1 fibers are lost with inactivity.

But still something that seems interesting. Gymnastics strength training reminds me of yoga in a lot of ways, with static holding of poses that get increasingly complex — e. I never use machines, and IMO free weights are the way to go with weight training, for the very reason that the movement is more whole, more complex, recruits more muscle fibers from all over the body, and would probably induce a much more favorable adaptive response based directly on the demands of the exercise being performed.

I started with gentler practices like beginner yoga and T-Tapp, but it left me with sore ligaments and tensed muscles, and the tanking metabolism signs would show up after 15 mins or so. I decided to start a mindful way of walking in scenic areas.

A meandering pace, looking at things around me, going off path to feel the difference in terrain under my feet. Cold nose, hands, underarm sweat begins to smell are the first and most frequent signs to show up for me. Going way too far and ignoring it will leave me feeling like I have the flu! For a month last summer I walked a mile around my property with many hills, usually with kids in a stroller. I did my usual approach of powerwalking, aiming for speed and good time.

I tracked my progress and how I felt with an app on my phone. I never felt good afterwards, and had at least some, if not all, of the signs I listed above after a short 15 or 17 minutes. And two weeks after I stopped, I had to buy the next size up in clothes! That type of walking was work and drudgery, which was a terrible way for me to ease back into activity.

Before I gained a bunch of weight and suffered from many years of intense stress, I had a lot more energy and exercised more intensely than I do now. I very much enjoyed being active. When I low carbed and in the beginning of my refeeding, I thought all the running I did before was bad.

Now, I think it was just fine for me. After I stopped the training, I dieted even harder, did even more binge eating on the weekends and gained even more weight. And I was very sedentary. I got to my highest weight ever about two years ago. After walking consistently each day for about 7 or 8 months, I lost 30 pounds, lost my plantar fasciitus symptoms, lost some body aches and pains and gained some energy.

I was not restricting food intake at the time. I still like to walk, hike and garden. Beth, how long did you walk each day? Did you limits your calories? When I lost the weight, all I did was walk about min a day, days a week. I also might have been getting more sleep at that time too! Perhaps not binge eating might have helped me lose the 30 pounds. I was also less stressed and more well-rested which seems to help me not binge eat as much. After a refeeding stage 1.

Even then my family still said I looked skinny. So, now I hover around and seem to be stable. I just have a small Buddha belly that can be seen if I push it out hard enough. My wife gains weight quite easily. I on the other hand have run long distance since I was 8 years old and played competitive soccer many times AFTER cross country practice!

And my dad still does mile bike rides through the Cascade mountain ranges.. I am no match for uphill hikes with him even though he is I have continued with quite a bit of weight training for the past few years just to see where it leads. At times I have completely stopped running and tried to see how I feel with just weights. There is a certain chemical-like taste in the mouth near oxygen debt when I get it right. Then I keep it there for a minute or so, and maybe repeat a few times.

After that kind of stuff I just feel normal — like myself I guess. People who are good at weights claim that no other activity is needed — that it is the perfect physical activity for improving health and wellness. But, people are different. In fact, he may always feel horrible running no matter how hard he sticks with it. I hate the bench press… argh! I have a lot of health issues including Lyme so aesthetics is not that important to me.

I do, however, feel the pressure to be fitter from outside forces and I wish I didnt. There are so many chill people online who care more about health and philosophy but I am surrounded by fit, vain rock climbers all day at work — people who do work out 4 hours a day. I think feeling good whether vanity or health does that for you is 1 so owning your body and loving yourself has to be the foundation if you want to have a sustainable and emotionally nurturing diet and exercise routine.

If you are already dieting with too much of a caloric deficit, it will not work. If you are overdoing it, it will backfire. And yes, the body likes consistency. We are supposed to eat and we are supposed to move. We are supposed to have to work to eat. One of your best articles in a while Matt. Moderate caloric reduction is the only thing that really results in weight loss for me.

Resistance training results in putting on muscle under the fat. Slightly unrelated question, but what do you think about higher bodyfat levels inhibiting metabolic rate? Too much over this optimal amount, or too much under, and you get negative symptoms, i. Ultimately, the idea is that the ideal bodyfat percentage varies depending on the individual, and so what is fat for one person might be skinny or obese for another.

I do think exercise has helped me lose weight but I also agree it has to be consistent and something you enjoy because the problem is it causes rebound weight gain if stopped just like Matt says.

I have also exercised vigorously in the past only to maintain my weight too. Also I have a question for everyone? I have been eating for heat and not exercising to get my metabolic rate up which has been damaged by excessive yo-yo dieting and exercise but I have experienced massive rebound weight gain partially due to thyroid problems and now I have high blood sugar. Has this happened to anyone else in the process and does it correct itself or do I need to succumb to the low carb diet?

You probably ate a little bit too much fat, but temporarily elevated blood sugar levels is not unheard of. Keep it sustainable of course. It usually helps improve glucose clearance to do so, and can also help a little bit with body composition. But of course, experiment freely and assess for yourself. Hey Matt,I was wondering if you can elaborate on this sentence from your article: Eating nothing but fruit in unlimited quantity will cause dramatic weight loss in nearly everyone.

I could have easily eaten only steak in unlimited quantity and had the exact same thing happen. Lose weight, feel shitty, gain it back, feel better. Yes, I would confirm from my experiences that eating fruit only, even at very high caloric levels, results in weight loss.

If I just ate fruit only, even eating more calories than I normally would on a normal varied diet, I would lose. However, as Matt says — its not good or sustainable, it did crazy things to my blood sugar, was not good for my gut, and you feel crap, and crave protein..

I do wonder how bananarider and the girl does it IF they claim to eat nothing but fruit while drinking enormous amounts of water. And they are extremely cold Freelea often wears mittens and a hat in the tropics and likely headed for eventual trouble. Probably would be a more sustainable diet without it, but what about salt cravings?

Especially with all that bike riding and living in a tropical climate.. I am just too curious! Is it gaining the fat back that makes you feel better…or just that you are no longer in a calorie deficit? Increases leptin, which causes the hypothalamus to increase the metabolic rate via its effect on the thyroid and other metabolism modulators. What is your opinion on bodyfat in general? Would you rather lose it and risk temporary metabolic downregulation, or keep it to ensure metabolism stays stable.

I only ask because bodyfat seems to be anti-metabolic in itself. It has, here and elsewhere. What makes the most sense is defending the metabolic rate you have and trying to prevent additional fat gain. Significant and sustainable weight loss remains a pipedream for most, and most attempts at losing weight just make things worse. This is interesting, and in my experience, ultimately true.

However over past 2 mo. Sorry for the long post, maybe should have been an email — feel free to remove from this thread if out of place. Eat a wide variety of nutritious foods to fullness without macronutrient restriction, steadily improve strength and fitness, sleep well, and otherwise take good care of yourself on a very consistent basis for years. What do you think of the modified intermittent fasting diets? Mathematically, it works out that on a 3: Modifying your intake with manipulations rather than following hunger, appetite for particular foods and satiety and fullness is a diet that is unsustainable and a form of starvation that the body will rebel against.

Listen to your body, toss out any dieting in any form and let your body know you trust it to be the size and weight that is best for you, whenever it trusts you enough to allow it to be so.

Do you believe your body is less intelligent than a rats? The diets that restricted diet rats were on raised their cortisol in a short time and it persisted for a longer time afterwards. Your body on any form of diet is a body with higher cortisol than it prefers to sustain. One day at a time. Just about everything we do physically and recreationally is less enjoyable when carrying excess fat, from tennis to sex and everything in between.

And here too, we need to be careful to not generalize and then believe that any excess fat is going to compromise our enjoyment of life and the activities in which we want to participate. You may feel great just as you are now, and your physical activities partner may be happy with how you are now, too. Not perfect, but feeling our best.

Not perfect but the best we can the majority of the time and let the rest go. Learn to be OK with however our body responds to our best care and let the rest go. Do our best to focus on living with the goal of being our best self for the majority of the time to ourselves and those we choose to have in our life. Where attractive clothing whatever your size get professional assistance if necessary and get on with enjoying being in the world.

If you think someone is judging you about your fatness, without even speaking at least be content that you are presenting yourself as best you can. Again, there is not perfect. Insert correct spellings where necessary in the above post.

I hit send before checking one last time. As will low carb eucaloric diets in most cases because cortisol is a survival mechanism to prevent blood sugar from dropping dangerously low.

The trouble with excess cortisol is that it is, well, stressful. It raises blood pressure, increases inflammation, messes up digestion, causes insomnia, and so forth.

Plus, when it comes to fat mass, it plays a role because it is catabolic breaks down protein to make sugar. So it makes sense that the body will then start a trend toward more fat and less lean mass, which is a vicious cycle. So each time a person goes into caloric deficit there is a risk of worsening the cycle.

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